Blogs are probably one of my favorite ways to read content because of the conversationalist aspect that are used in them. Especially when it involves reading content that I don’t necessarily have an interest in, the blogger can usually capture my attention just by how the blog is written. It’s actually kind of weird that I’m writing a blog post about blogging but whatever! Another great thing about blogs is that usually, they make difficult things much easier to understand. It kind of feels like messaging to someone via chat, Blog-graphic-from-Istock.jpgexcept they’re the only one responding. Good example? Eh, probably not, but you catch the drift! The ability to address an audience informally could seem “unprofessional” to those who prefer traditionally styled writing, but the truth is, most people like things SIMPLE! I know for a fact that I do. Break it down in words that make sense to the majority, and I can almost bet your readers will increase.

My personal favorite is microblogging. What the hell is microblogging? Pretty much, a fancy word for blogging via Twitter. The lovely 140-character limit that Twitter binds us with makes it micro. With social media being today’s most popular way to deliver and receive content, learning how to effectively microblog as a journalism professional is key. Three words. Social media SCHEDULING. Who has time to draft up a million tweets to post periodically throughout the next month? Well, someone probably does. But life could be so much simpler using a social media management tool like Hootsuite, Sprout Social or TweetDeck. They’re usually not free, but they can be so helpful when trying to push a lot of content while maximizing your time spent doing so. Using Sprout Social for my job makes my life much easier. It links to our company’s social accounts and posts whatever content I want published for any particular date or time. Talk about time efficient!

Blogging and microblogging can help you connect with your target audience much more effectively when it’s done right! I like customizing pages by using likeable backgrounds, colors, fonts, pictures, GIFS, videos and the list goes on. Think about what you would like to see when you visit a page. What interests you about it? Take notes and apply!


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