Many people have asked me, “What’s so great about Snapchat?” I usually answer, “Because it’s different than any other social media platform right now.” At this point, snapcodeeven with Instagram coming out with InstaStories, a concept very similar to Snapchat, it’s just not the same. Snapchat was the first social platform of its kind. The ability to have content disappear was new and exciting, and had never been done before its deb
ut to the world in 2011 by Stanford University students, Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel. The duo knew they had created a masterpiece and dropped out of college after receiving their first check. They also made a smart move by declining Mark Zuckerberg‘s offer of $3 billion in 2013 since Snapchat is now worth about $25 billion. 

So who even uses Snapchat anyway? UH… me and millions of others because it’s just hard to not love it. I became obsessed with the idea of Snap filters where I could share my locations and distort my face and voice. Being able to create a “Snapsterpiece” by adding text and drawings to my pics and videos made Snapchat one of those “must have” apps. I can even send money to family and friends via Snapcash and watch news on with Snapchat’s new Discover addition which has news and TV show clips on including Daily Mail, CNN, National Geographic and Comedy Central. I’ve deleted tons of message threads and funny videos just to make sure I have enough storage to use Snapchat. Pretty obsessive, but true nonetheless.

Since Snapchat has become so popular, many journalists have used their accounts as a news tool to connect with targets. The app allows for the live coverage news (major events such as elections) through a closer, more personal lens that gives the audience a sense of the real experience. It also gives people an opportunity to connect with the journalist behind the story. In an earlier blog, I wrote about Meredith Artley, CNN’s editor-in-chief. In an interview she shared that Snapchat has changed the social media game more than any other platform because of its ability to reach a younger audience. “Snapchat demands news people to edit and conceive stories in a different way than before.” 

Snapchat continues to evolve and attract more users daily. For my birthday in September, I was able to create my own custom filter that was active for the duration of my event for less than ten dollars. Everyone was blown away. My mom even downloaded the app and created an account just to use my filter. Now she sends me snaps almost everyday. That’s how you change the game. Bravo, Snapchat.


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