As I put on my cap & gown…

As I put on my cap and gown, I am truly blessed for the experiences I have been afforded as a student at Georgia State. Over the past four years, I have grown so much mentally, physically and emotionally. I knew GSU was the right fit for me the day I went on a tour of the campus with my mom, and the rest is history. I, myself, became a tour guide on campus, volunteered with over 10 organizations, participated in step shows, fashion shows and date auctions, became an original founder of an organization that won “Best Organization on Campus” the same year, and most of all had the chance to mentor new students on campus. Continue reading “As I put on my cap & gown…”


What’s the Tea?

Let’s be honest. Everyone gossips. We all subconsciously know that we probably shouldn’t care about other people’s business, but sometimes we just can’t help it! Well, at least I can’t. I grew an interest in pop culture about 2 years ago and love reading the “tea” or gossip happening in today’s gossip blogs. Many people may shun the idea of gossip blogs, but they can actually keep you abreast many celebrity happenings. This is ideal if you are interested in entertainment, like myself. As a journalist, staying on top of the media is key. Below you’ll find three of my favorites pop culture blogs I think are worth following! Continue reading “What’s the Tea?”

Why I Picked Journalism

To be honest, when I applied to GSU I had no intentions of pursuing journalism. I began as a marketing major and after talking to my advisor about my passions and goals, she suggested journalism was a better fit. Boy, was she right! I became interested in becoming a journalist because I think the power of the press is extremely important and deserves the best and brightest young professionals in its corner. I have always wanted to write and express myself on paper. Even more so, I knew I had a passion for communications and public speaking. Journalism is an outlet for me to explore what is important in the world and what deserves to be known by others.newmedia-jpg-295x195_q85_crop

My primary interest is how entertainment and journalism interact with one another. I personally think that sometimes people can feel that the professions within the entertainment industry get jumbled together. I feel that it is important to create a divide for entertainment journalists. Although, many times people step outside of their job descriptions within their positions, it’s important to inform others about the differences between the roles played by entertainment professionals.  Continue reading “Why I Picked Journalism”

Some college advice from a graduating senior…

Ever wished there was a manual that tells you all of the best decisions to make throughout life? I sure do! Well, even though we may not have that, we definitely have experienced people that can lend advice to those willing to listen. One thing I feel that I am able to advise are some good practices for college students. I’ve complied my top five list of “Do’s” for a college student.MW-BE153_advice_20130614173008_MG.jpg

1.Get Involved

I think one of the best decisions I made as an undergrad student was getting involved on campus. I volunteered with over five organizations throughout my freshman and sophomore years that helped me better discover my passions. I never knew how much I loved event planning until I joined an event planning organization on campus. I met many of the friends I have today from being involved and also built many connections and references that I will carry into my professional career.

Continue reading “Some college advice from a graduating senior…”

An actual PR firm…

In an earlier post I talked about my internship experience at a major record label. That was one of the few internships that helped me truly discover my passions. Another internship that taught me the REAL world of public relations was my internship with AR|PR. I had always said to myself, “I wonder what it’s like to work at an actual PR firm?” I had gotten experience through other internships working within their PR departments and also working on PR committees on campus, but never at an actual firm. I saw a listing on Georgia State’s Panther Career Net and within weeks I had an opportunity working at AR|PR’s Atlanta office.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaarlaaaajdcwzdm1nte5ltq0mtmtnguxms05mjyylwvkowjhnjuymjvmnwThis internship experience was one for the books! When I say this was the REAL DEAL, I mean in every way possible. I began the internship thinking my PR courses on campus adequately prepared me for the job. Not to say that they didn’t, because I’ve learned so much in my journalism courses, but this internship gave me a run for my money! I was trained on software that never even crossed my mind, but once I got the hang of things, I truly felt like a PR professional. Continue reading “An actual PR firm…”

Journalism at GSU

As a 4-year student at Georgia State University, I can honestly say that it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The journalism classes I have taken at this school have been more than I could have ever imagined. They have prepared me for the workplace in ways that I never dreamed possible. From professors who are Columbia Journalism School graduates, to those who have worked with Ted Turner at CNN, the educators at this school are very well versed in what they are teaching, and show a committed dedication to students.


With its location in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Georgia State is an excellent place to learn about journalism and build your journalistic career. CNN is based in Atlanta Georgia, and there are a multitude of other news organizations based here, including the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and others. Georgia State is a large university that opens up so many doors and avenues to success. Continue reading “Journalism at GSU”

My music industry experience!

As a college student, I have been lucky enough to have many internship opportunities. The most recent internship I’ve had was working on the public relations team for Grand Hustle Records. Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, it was! I got to be amongst so many famous and legendary individuals while pursuing my career field. I’ve always had a passion for music, so this was pretty much right up my alley. One thing I will say though, working in the music industry is MUCH different than any other job I’ve had.

In the music industry, things aren’t structured the same as a typical corporate PR position. I picked up on that quickly. I literally had my interview for the job in a studio room across from where T.I. was recording his next single. It was like a whole new world. I got to come to work in basically whatever I felt like wearing, but of course I always came dressed the part just in case I happened to run into a celebrity or two!

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