As I put on my cap and gown, I am truly blessed for the experiences I have been afforded as a student at Georgia State. Over the past four years, I have grown so much mentally, physically and emotionally. I knew GSU was the right fit for me the day I went on a tour of the campus with my mom, and the rest is history. I, myself, became a tour guide on campus, volunteered with over 10 organizations, participated in step shows, fashion shows and date auctions, became an original founder of an organization that won “Best Organization on Campus” the same year, and most of all had the chance to mentor new students on campus.

I truly get emotional thinking about how time has passed so swiftly. I feel like it was just yesterday that I unpacked my dorm room and hugged my mom goodbye at the mark of my college career. This moment is bittersweet because of my many memories I have at the BEST university in the world, but also because I know I have a bright future. I am so excited for what this next chapter of life has in store for me, and I thank God for allowing me to make it this far. I’m graduating Cum Laude and a semester early! Whoo-hooo! So many people have told me how proud they are of my accomplishments, but I think what’s most important is that I’m genuinely proud of myself.

whitney graduation 3.jpg


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