Let’s be honest. Everyone gossips. We all subconsciously know that we probably shouldn’t care about other people’s business, but sometimes we just can’t help it! Well, at least I can’t. I grew an interest in pop culture about 2 years ago and love reading the “tea” or gossip happening in today’s gossip blogs. Many people may shun the idea of gossip blogs, but they can actually keep you abreast many celebrity happenings. This is ideal if you are interested in entertainment, like myself. As a journalist, staying on top of the media is key. Below you’ll find three of my favorites pop culture blogs I think are worth following!

1. The Shaderoom

I absolutely LOVE The Shaderoom. It’s so … well shady. But I love it! I literally visit their Instagram page everyday, multiple times a day. They make sure they are particular in their wording so it’s not super biased but still gives you a good laugh or two. They also so something called #RoommateTalk where followers can submit stories and pictures of things they see or hear about. The Shaderoom staff goes out to all of the major award shows and parties and interviews huge name celebrities and most of them are willing to chat. The Shaderoom has 7.2 million Instagram followers and continues to grow by thousands every day.

2. Baller Alert

I like Baller Alert because it showcases stories and posts about events, sports, fashion and news but mainly highlights people that are “ballin!” They show the flashy things celebrities purchase and talk about if it was a good buy or if it’s a waste of money. They also always post funny memes and GIFs that keep me laughing throughout the day. Baller Alert has 2.6 million Instagram followers.

3. MediaTakeOut

MediaTakeOut or MTO has been around for awhile. I originally began checking their stuff out on their website, then eventually migrated to Instagram. They are much less popular than the first two blogs I discussed but always seem to post the most outlandish things that I have ever seen! This is definitely the place to go if you want to be shocked or surprised at the foolish things people do and say. MTO is the most visited urban website in the world and has 302,000 Instagram followers.

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