To be honest, when I applied to GSU I had no intentions of pursuing journalism. I began as a marketing major and after talking to my advisor about my passions and goals, she suggested journalism was a better fit. Boy, was she right! I became interested in becoming a journalist because I think the power of the press is extremely important and deserves the best and brightest young professionals in its corner. I have always wanted to write and express myself on paper. Even more so, I knew I had a passion for communications and public speaking. Journalism is an outlet for me to explore what is important in the world and what deserves to be known by others.newmedia-jpg-295x195_q85_crop

My primary interest is how entertainment and journalism interact with one another. I personally think that sometimes people can feel that the professions within the entertainment industry get jumbled together. I feel that it is important to create a divide for entertainment journalists. Although, many times people step outside of their job descriptions within their positions, it’s important to inform others about the differences between the roles played by entertainment professionals. 

A professor at Georgia State always makes sure to let her students know that Journalism is not about showing how smart you are with your words, it is about presenting your information in a way that can be understood by the masses. Journalism is about telling a story in a compelling, interesting way that is factual and well meaning to the general public.

I am really excited to see what my future holds within the world of journalism. I am pumped to graduate this Fall, and begin working in the entertainment field. Despite what many say, I believe journalism is not a dying field, I think the mediums by which people access and retrieve news is changing, and I can’t wait to be apart of that refining process.


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